Steve-O On Suicide Watch, Facing Felony

March 13th, 2008 // 15 Comments

Steve-O is reportedly currently at the Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical center under suicide watch, according to Star magazine and has also been charged with felony possession of cocaine stemming from his March 3rd arrest, according to TMZ.

The Jackass star went to the emergency room last Sunday afternoon and was admitted to the Thalians Mental Health center at Cedars, where his 72-watch has been extended to fourteen days, due to concern for his well-being.

Star magazine is reporting that he suffers from an “untreatable bipolar disorder,” with a source saying that Steve is “very manic” at this point in time and that, “He was also treated for burns on his skin as if he had been putting cigarettes out on his own body.” Over the weekend, Steve e-mailed suicide notes to a number of friends, prompting a friend of his and his bodyguard to take him to the emergency room.

According to an insider at the hospital, “Steve started flipping out. He told doctors he wanted to hurt himself badly. He wanted to break every bone in his body one by one.” Not to sound insensitive, but hasn’t he done that already?

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. jbonz

    Another MTV Success Story!
    Move over Britney…

  2. June Cleaver

    He has nice teeth for a wacko druggie

  3. jbonz

    Back in the day a person would lose control, get strung out on booze, become a hophead and then end up working as a geek.
    Nowadays with MTV the process has been completely reversed.

  4. yomama

    this guy is a total idiot and don’t feel bad for him at all! hopefully he offs himself.

  5. fgmsle

    I am very cucious. Why did he post his profile on a celebrities and wealthy website named
    “M arryM illionaire. c o m”. What is he looking for there?

  6. rootabega

    gee i dont know fgmsle, why dont you at least post your spam site URL correctly so we can all go there?

  7. amanda

    dear people who are not fans of jackass:

    all of this sounds perfectly normal to us, steve-o has been like that always… chill out…

    - jackass fan.

  8. jimi

    Why watch him? Let him be. They’re violating his rights.

  9. Never seen that moronic show

    Oh, brother.

    There’s no thing thing as “untreatable bipolar disorder”. Bipolar disorder is utterly treatable, especially in someone who is supposedly “manic”. What kind of crap hospital doesn’t know how to handle a manic person?? This article is total bullshit, written by a PR suckup retard who was too lazy to fact-check his/her idiotic story. It’s called Thorazine, dumbass. Maybe give the “hospital” a heads-up on this “untreatable” illness.

    I’m so tired of celebrities claiming they have this or that disorder when all they are is a fucking drug addict. Leave the real illnesses to the real sufferers, you whiny, self-important cokehead.

  10. He seems like a genuinely good person to me. He makes his living making others laugh and be happy what could be cooler than that. I just wish him all the best in his life as I can relate with going through ups and downs in life. It is just how it is sometimes. Society needs its rebels, jesters and outlaws as they are a sign that we are all free and can live how we choose to. This is a crazy and bold way to exist and not many have the courage to thumnb their nose at the blandness of conformity. Steve seems to really be a good natured and fun-loving guy and again I wish him all the best in the world.


  11. spunkster

    dude yall ar trippin on steve o
    i wish yall people who dosent like him could have thee balls to do his job
    so fuck u

  12. The SILO

    Yeah dude… Steveo is actually a good guy who shows remorce. i think that the life he is living has caused him to maby do some crazy stuff like that. Believe it or not he is under pressure alot and cant even walk the streets without some huge black guy right next to him. io would kill myself if i had to deal with that!

    Steveo your the man dude and when i get to cali im gunna look you up brother!

    Hit me up!

  13. acidtrip

    ur the man dude!!!
    fuckin luv u
    pc bro

    it would be fuckin sweet if u would email me man..

  14. lolipop

    Steve-o your freaking amazing i hope you get better and so what if you do drugs dosent everybody but please dont kill your self your way to important to your fans friends and family you seem like a great guy and i hope you continue to make people laugh and be a awesome comedian like you are oh and i love the jack ass movies they are simply amazing


  15. John813

    Very nice site!

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