Steve-O Grosses Me Out, Wanders Along Robertson Blvd.

That dog should be more selective about who it kisses. Sure, his face is probably in his own crotch all day long, but at least it’s a familiar crotch. Steve-O strikes me as the kind of guy whose mouth is probably filthier than a Greyhound bus station bathroom floor. In fact, I can totally imagine one of his friends saying, “Dude, if you let a homeless crackhead pee in your face, I’ll totally give you three dollars,” and Steve-O responding with, “You’re on, sucka! That three dollars is so mine.” And here are some pictures of what looks like Steve-O doing his best impersonation of a homeless crackhead wandering along Robertson Blvd, making me never want to go there unless I’m wearing shoes made out of bleach. You can’t been too safe when dealing with this kind of gross.

Photos: Onilne

More photos of Steve-O terrorizing Robertson Blvd. after the jump.

Photos: Flynet Onilne/

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