Steven Tyler To Judge ‘American Idol’

August 19th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

OK we finally have a winner: Steven Tyler has sealed the deal with American Idol to become the show’s new judge. The musician had already spilled the beans, but now Fox is confirming it. No word yet on whether Jennifer Lopez is in or out, but at least one of these big celeb names being thrown around has actually been pinned down.

However, I can’t help but think adding big name musicians isn’t going to fill the Simon Cowell void. None of the parade of celebs whose names have been attached to Idol seem like the ones to dish out that infamous brutal honesty. PR-concerned celebs unfortunately don’t have the leverage to whip it out like behind-the-scenes man Simon does. Let’s hope Tyler, pictured performing with Aerosmith at Fenway Park on Aug. 14, can at least try to help fill the Simon-shaped hole in us Idol-watcher’s hearts. And maybe stop all this judge musical-chairs…  

By Lola Robertson

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