Steve Sanders’ Schlong

I’m kinda into this. It was rumored that Playgirl had offered “90210”/”Dancing With The Stars” C-lister Ian Ziering 100K to show it . I don’t know, when he ditched the curly mullet he sorta got cutesy. Shut up, judgeys! Anyway, Playgirl is denying that sass.

In Touch claimed that Ziering had been offered a tantalizing $100,000 to drop his leotard for the peep rag.

TMZ contacted a Playgirl rep who, when asked about the reports, informed us, “Uhhhh, that would be a big NO. Playgirl doesn’t have that kind of budget to play with.”

That’s sad. It is because not many straight women actually buy “Playgirl” unless they’re really hard up, and gays avoid it because it’s called “Playgirl”? Does anyone know anyone who gets “Playgirl”? Hit me up and describe yourself. I want to know what the demographic is. As for Steve Sanders dropping trou, every since he cried when Kelly Taylor was trapped in the burning rave house with the lesbian, I’ve thought he was sensitive and on the cusp of dreamy. God, that was such a good episode.

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