Steve Sanders’ Schlong

April 12th, 2007 // 9 Comments

I’m kinda into this. It was rumored that Playgirl had offered “90210″/”Dancing With The Stars” C-lister Ian Ziering 100K to show it . I don’t know, when he ditched the curly mullet he sorta got cutesy. Shut up, judgeys! Anyway, Playgirl is denying that sass.

In Touch claimed that Ziering had been offered a tantalizing $100,000 to drop his leotard for the peep rag.

TMZ contacted a Playgirl rep who, when asked about the reports, informed us, “Uhhhh, that would be a big NO. Playgirl doesn’t have that kind of budget to play with.”

That’s sad. It is because not many straight women actually buy “Playgirl” unless they’re really hard up, and gays avoid it because it’s called “Playgirl”? Does anyone know anyone who gets “Playgirl”? Hit me up and describe yourself. I want to know what the demographic is. As for Steve Sanders dropping trou, every since he cried when Kelly Taylor was trapped in the burning rave house with the lesbian, I’ve thought he was sensitive and on the cusp of dreamy. God, that was such a good episode.

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By J. Harvey

  1. It burns it burns, make it stop!

  2. Kamasutra Jones

    I’d LOVE to see Steve’s schlong. I bet it’s a purty one with blond pubes and a couple of low-hangers.

  3. stingrae57

    I bought three playgirl mags when I was in college about 6 years ago. I went to a super conservative Christian college and I bought them for laughes. I would rip out a page or two and put them in my friends books so when they were in biology class the picture would fall out! Super funny… right? Or maybe I was a big dork. I also went into a friends room and took down her roommates “sports” pictures that she had ripped out of sports mags and replaced them with pics from my mag! It took her a few days to notice. I’m awesome. Come on people, thoughs little Christian girls needed to see some wang. I was just helping them out! One of the mags had Kato Kaylen on the front! EW! My hubby made me put them in the shredder last year so I now longer have them, which is fine ’cause I wouldn’t want my kids to find them!

  4. e-dogg

    I’ve seen one Playgirl in my life. I was 12 and in 7th grade–my friend and I were snooping around her babysitter’s 20-something daughter’s room and found it. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard! :)

  5. jen

    The only playgirl I ever saw was when the wrestler Shawn Michaels was in it. I didn’t even know it was still around.

  6. Grrrr

    The only one I’ve ever bought (and sent my boyfriend at the time to do so) was the one with Brad Pitt naked with Gwyneth Paltrow in 1998. I believed they pulled it off the shelves that day or the following. So now I have it in plastic!

  7. bunni

    my girlfriend in college used to have playgirl on her coffee table all the time. it was so bad! all the guys had cut off jeans and mullets!

  8. L

    i used to subscribe to Playgirl, i was about 22-23, my sister and my friends think it’s appaling, but I like it, although it IS very low-budget.
    And then I moved out of the country so I gave all copies to my gay roommate.

  9. I was wondering about the Playgirl reader myself.
    It’s hard to pinpoint a solid demographic for that
    one. I understand circulation is down to around
    200,000. (Should I advertise with them?).
    Having said that, Does the “Call Me…” panty do anything for you? Take a look and tell me
    you don’t have a friend that could use a pair.

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