Steve Tyler Hits On ‘Parks And Recreation’ Star Aubrey Plaza [VIDEO]

Aubrey Plaza isn’t acting when she plays the cafe miz April Ludgate on NBC’s Parks And Recreation.  Plaza stopped by The Tonight Show to promote her new film, Safety Not Guaranteed and fellow guest Steven Tyler took a liking to the clearly uncomfortable actress.  Jay Leno loved the awkward interaction, because it was funny as hell.

Plaza was telling a story about her Irish landlord, and it was taking all sorts of strange turns.  First, he told her to move into another apartment, then he gave her a leaf, then he told her not to touch the leaf because it was poisonous.  After hearing this, Tyler gave it to Plaza straight: “Trust me, this guy’s hot for you, and the room’s full of cameras.”

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Tyler is nuts and I adore him.  The Aerosmith frontman was spotted buying sunglasses in Beverly Hills yesterday and took time to pose with a fan.

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