Steve-O Still Smiling After ‘Dancing’ Exit

I’ll say this right now, but I’ve never liked Steve-O. The reason’s are obvious, so I won’t go into that now. I caught my first episode of Dancing With the Stars this past Monday night (eh), and I have to say Steve-O actually charmed me a little.

He told, “I met a lot of challenges, I made a lot of mistakes and the fans kept me around long enough to learn from it all,” said the Jackass star, who earned the week’s lowest score, 16 out of 30, for his rumba. “It’s forced me to grow as a person and for that I’m very grateful.”

His partner Lacey Schwimmer said she’ll miss his “unpredictable personality” the most.

“Every day you go in there, and he’s just a different personality, and you’re like, ‘Alright! What are we gonna do today?'” “We had such a blast.”

I may not have had blast, but I did enjoy Steve-O for the very first time and I don’t even feel dirty.

Gallery Info: Steve-O and Lacey Schwimmer are eliminated from Dancing With the Stars