Steve Jones Storms Off ‘Piers Morgan Tonight,’ May Have Lost His Welsh Accent

Dreamy X-Factor host Steve Jones will appear on tomorrow’s edition of Piers Morgan Tonight, and we’ll get to see why he reportedly stormed off the set.  According to E!, things took a turn for the worse when Morgan asked the Welsh dreamboat about his Lothario image, something Jones is looking to bury.  “For the record I’m not ashamed to admit I stormed off @piersmorgan tonight.  His line of questing was highly offensive.  You judge #thisfriday,” he tweeted.  Not one to take a tweet lying down, Morgan wrote, “No idea. Had him thrown off my set yesterday for lewd conduct RT @lcarilo: Hey, @piersmorgan, who is @SteveJones?”  When Simon Cowell gave Jones the gig, he made the former UK TV presenter – who’s dated Halle Berry, Hayden Panettiere and Pamela Andersonpromise not to bed any of the show’s ladies.

What we can’t seem to find any history of bad blood between Jones and Morgan.  When he heard that Jones was coming to the US, Morgan even tweeted “Congrats to Steve Jones on landing the US X Factor co-hosting gig.  Great guy, really pleased for him.”  So what happened?  Though we’ll have to wait until tomorrow night, we can only assume that Jones’ team has been beating the mantra of “Don’t Be A Slut” into his head, and Morgan’s question was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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Jones might not be in the best mood lately, as Twitter is full of viewers claiming that Jones is losing his Welsh accent.  “Steve jones accent is proof of darwin’s theory of evolution: survival is not about who is most intelligent but who can adapt!” wrote one person.  “Is it just me or has Steve Jones ‘un-welshed’ his voice?” wrote another.  Sky News presenter Sarah-Jane Mee tweeted, “Can someone explain to me what the XFactor USA has done to Steve Jones’ voice? He was Welsh before right?”

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