Steve Carell Is Suddenly Really Hot & I’m Very Confused

Steve Carell Quotes
He's basically the sweetest guy ever.
Now friends, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this crazy thing that has happened called “Hot Steve Carell.”

It’s real. I remember awhile back when we caught the first glimpse of it, but back then I just thought it was a crazy fluke. Looks like it’s not. Steve hit up the crazy Spanish show El Hormiguero today and in addition to wearing some horrible fake teeth, he looked incredibly fine.

See, Steve has always been cute, but never kind of foxy like this. I’m used to looking at this guy, not this new guy! 

Side note: El Hormiguerois seriously an awesome show. Just look at the random stuff they’re making Steve do! There are puppets and fake teeth and things that make me laugh.

Alright guys, I need your help understanding my attraction to Steve. I can’t be the only one, right? Launch the gallery to check it out and let me know if you think he’s as hot as I do!