Stephen Moyer Yearns For Scenes With His Lovebird

True Blood
’s Stephen Moyer misses the scenes he shares with fiance Anna Paquin, according to People.  Now that Moyer’s character (Bill) is separated from Paquin’s (Sookie Stackhouse), they don’t share as many scenes together.  Love is a bitch. It hurts so deep.

We met during the show, we met on camera, we met doing something that
we love and that’s what we do. And I really miss her when Bill’s been

The couple kept their relationship a secret from the crew at first, because they knew the risks of an on-set romance.  Moyer and Paquin actually got together during the pilot two years ago, but were able to play kissy-face without anyone knowing. 

I can imagine why it would be [risky] and certainly to begin with when
we got together, we were really concerned because it’s ridiculous to
get into a relationship when there’s a possible seven years of working
together. But it’s been nothing but lovely so I hope it carries on

Dashing Stephen Moyer was spotted leaving a London hotel yesterday.