Stephen Moyer Joins Cam Gigandet In ‘Priest’: Vampires Unite!

Breaking out of the mold as a fang-bearing creature, Stephen Moyer is starring in yet another vampire-focused project. The True Blood star–best known for his role of vampire Bill Compton on the HBO series–will be portraying what is described as “the mortal brother of the protagonist” in the film, Priest.

Priest is based on a comic series, centered on a clergyman who “rebels against the church to avenge a group of murderous vampires who have kidnapped his niece.” Paul Bettany stars as the main character.

The flick also stars Twilight alumnus Cam Gigandet, who aids the priest in his cause because of his love for the man’s niece. This is genius casting. It’s a role reversal for both Moyer and Gigandet, but still vampire-centric enough to lure in some blood-thirsty True Blood and Twilight fans.

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