Stephen Moyer Thought He’d Never Get Married

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Stephen Moyer is doing his part to get us fired up for the fourth season of True Blood, premiering June 26th on HBO.  The Brit posed for Bullett Magazine in a shoot that took place at LA’s famed Viper Room, Radar Online reports.  Moyer, spotted Monday at Kings Road Cafe in Los Angeles, chatted with the mag about his marriage to co-star Anna Paquin and that he won’t allow his own children to watch the vampire series.

Marriage wasn’t anything Moyer ever saw himself entering into, until he met Paquin.  He told the magazine, “And then suddenly, in this relationship with Anna, I just couldn’t think of a good enough reason not to. It just felt right. When you meet somebody you’re going to be spending the rest of your life with, it doesn’t seem right to call them your girlfriend forever. I fully intend for us to be together forever, so I felt like I needed to be able to call her something else. So now I can shout “wife” quite happily.”

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Moyer was recently asked to pose with an eight-year-old fan, which threw him off track because he doesn’t allow his own children (a son who lives in London and a daughter in Los Angeles) to watch True Blood.  Moyer laughed about that young fan’s first sexual experience being on television.  He jokingly asked, “I mean, how are you ever going to live up to that?”

By Kelly Lynch

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