Stephen King’s ‘Dark Tower’ Casting Rumors has gotten word that a film (and television) adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is being put into motion.  Producer Brian Grazer, director Ron Howard and writer Akiva Goldsman acquired the rights, but are faced with the challenge of making it work.  Having never read Tower, I can’t vouch for how complicated the story is.  Buuuuuut from the looks of the article, it’s safe to say that Howard and company have their work cut out for them.  The plan is to turn the series into three films and two seasons of a television series (don’t ask me how that works, because I haven’t got a clue).

Let’s get down to the stuff we love: casting.  A bunch of names are being thrown into the mix, but the front-runners (as of now) for the role of Roland Deschain (“a wandering Gunslinger who goes on an epic quest across multiple dimensions to reach the fabled Dark Tower and save the universe from destruction”) are: Daniel Craig, Viggo Mortenson, Hugh Jackman, and Jon Hamm.  Note that this list is nowhere near final.  These handsome devils just happen to remind those who matter of men most likely to save the world.

Who’s read the series?  Who would you picture to play Roland Deschain?