Stephen Dorff Has Real Talent Behind Those Abs

Stephen Dorff enjoys taking his clothes off.

Not that I’m complaining. With those sex-me eyes and tousled hair, it’s easy to brush aside any actual talent he may have hidden behind the bevy of women he surrounds himself with, including those he doesn’t even seem to be paying attention to while on his yacht this summer.

Thankfully, director goddess, Sophia Coppola has brilliantly cast Stephen in her new movie Somewhere and is getting praised for his performance as Hollywood prototype, Johnny Marco. Stephen spoke to Elle magazine about his reputation for bedding countless women and his wish for his deceased mother to see the new transition he’s made in life.

“I would have wanted my mom to see me settle down and to be a grandma to my kids.  Johnny Marco is everything my mom wanted me to play. I would have loved for her to have been with me on this journey, but more than that, I would have loved for her to know that I’m doing good.”