Stephen Amell Suits Up On The Set Of ‘Arrow’

Stephen Amell On Arrow
Our hero has been injured!
Yesterday (August 07, 2013), actors Stephen Amell and Paul Blackthorne were spotted filming scenes for their hit CW show Arrow in Vancouver, Canada. Stephen looks as if he has the “talking on the cellphone while walking” acting technique down pat.

Stephen tweeted a pic from the set of Arrow, and it was one of those flashback pics, in which it looks as if he has some bad bedhead going on. I personally love the flashback scenes. Check out the tweet and pic below. 


Amell recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly and revealed who his dream co-star would be. I have to say that I’m a little surprised by his choice.

“I am going to say Tom Cruise. I mean there’s a whole host of people that I would like to work with but if I could pick one person it would clearly be him…. I feel like things begin and end there. I would like to in some capacity observe how Tom Cruise goes about his business when it comes to making a movie and how he behaves on set and how he interacts with the crew because from everything that I’ve heard it is the template for professionalism and just the way to conduct yourself as an actor.”

I get it. Steven wants Tom as his personal Mr. Miyagi.

Check out the pics Steven all suited up with Paul on the set of Arrow by launching the gallery.

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