Stephen Amell Defends His Character’s Violent Behavior On ‘Arrow,’ Suits Up On Set [PHOTOS]

It’s good to see that fans are responding well to Arrow, not least in part due to Stephen Amell. and SFX raised a concerned about the way Oliver Queen “kills without hesitation,” something Amell defends.

The central character of all the great shows on television, and I don’t list these names to draw comparisons, but as an example – Tony Soprano, Walter White, Don Draper – these are all incredibly flawed people that do regrettable things, terrible things, unforgivable things. But as long as they’re pursuing an overall goal, and as long as they engage the audience, that’s why those shows resonate.

“I’ve always wanted to play somebody who was unflinching, who set up for something and followed through with it. That’s why we have to kill people on the show, because he’s trying to clean up the city. To think that there wouldn’t be collateral damage, that would be farcical. 

Last night (November 14th), Amell filmed with co-stars David Ramsey and Annie Ilonzeh in Vancouver, Canada.  Amell was in full costume as he tried to help Ramsey’s character rescue a kidnapped Ilonzeh’s Joanna De La Vega.