Stella! Stella!

I am sure she gets really tired of hearing that but her name is on the lips of everyone lately. Stella McCartney is teaming up with LeSportsac to bring a line of luggage, totes, baby bags and accessories to a boutique near you. The line will be in three of Stella’s stores and five of the LeSportsac stores and not to mention the internet gateway aall released in Spring 2008.

The conjoined efforts are the start of a beautiful relationship that will have a total of 30-40 bags. Priced from $200-$250 a pop the collection is just a starting point. WWD reports that the current expiration date of the contract is just 18 months away but it is stressed that it is renewable.

Stella is making friends everywhere as she adds her name to a number of entrepreneurial outlets. She already has two fragrances, a line for H&M, a collection of active wear for Adidas, and February 15th she will unleash her skin care line onto the world.

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