Stella McCartney Wedding & A Boy Story

Stellllllllaaaaaaaaaa was as ravishing a bride as Stella could be. It was a lovely outdoor ceremony; you can see a shot of a small portion of the crowd attending above. Not pictured but attending were Paul McCartney, Paul’s wife Heather Mills, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Chrissie Hynde, Tom Ford of Gucci, Kate Moss, and many more.

Stella wore a Gucci wedding dress for her wedding in which she married publisher Alasdhair Willis. The wedding took place at at Mount Stuart, a Victorian gothic mansion on Bute, off Scotland’s west coast. The house and its 300-acre estate are owned by McCartney family friend Johnny Dumfries, the seventh Marquis of Bute.

The wedding was followed by an extrodinary reception at the local Howard Johnson’s. My date, Prince Felipe of Spain , sipped the flowing Korbel champangne, while the crowd dance to the live music provided by The A-Teens. It was a lovely evening.

Back to the reality of reality: Boy Meets Boy – The End!

Okay tell me who did not know that it was Franklin who was the straight one. Straight but sensitive, show us one and all that there are no stereotypes. Also, who didn’t figure out that Wes was going to win? He was the only one of the three who the leading man kissed, for God’s sake.

About the leading man. James came off as a kind of pathetic, whiney, annoying human being. Don’t get me started on Andra. If the two of them are such good friends, how has she never seen him kiss a boy before? And what happened to our host Dani Behr? She was MIA for the entire episode.

Enough, here’s what’s going on in the world of entertainment.

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