Stefan And Elena’s Sweetest Moments Featured In ‘The Vampire Diaries’ [PHOTOS]

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Another Thursday means another episode of The Vampire Diaries. Tonight’s episode is called “The Killer” and chaos is about to ensue. Many people are probably thinking, “hasn’t there been trouble during the entire duration of the series?” Yes, of course there has been, but it feels like one of the peaks are approaching.

Connor (Todd Williams) is the newest vampire hunter and he’s willing to take down anyone he has to in order to defeat the vampires. He’s more radical than Alaric Saltzman ever was. Most of the hunters want to protect the humans from the “demons of the night”, but this one is prepared to hurt anyone and everyone in order to reach his goal. One would think he’d be more careful but that hasn’t been the case so far.

With inexperienced baby vampire, Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) running around, you know there is bound to be quite a bit of trouble. This is a perfect example of why she should be taking Damon’s advice and getting her feeding under control. If Damon can’t save her, then who else could possibly step in to try to be the hero?

Perhaps her on again, off again boyfriend, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) could offer some assistance. We all know he isn’t in control of himself either, so those two working together is a disaster waiting to happen, but he can’t sit around and observe mayhem either.

Throughout the past seasons – and even in this one – he has been helping in every instance he possibly can. Their past and all the obstacles has strengthened them individually and as a pair.

Season one when their relationship was fresh, everything was very sweet and romantic, even in negative situations. His goal was to always make her smile or involve her in new things, especially when she needed comic relief after something tragic happened.

One thing I’ve always loved about Stefan and the Salvatore brothers in general is the fact their last name relates directly to “savior”. That’s what they’ve been for most of the folks in Mystic Falls, including the doppelganger. At one point in the books and on the show he says:

“Do you know what the name Salvatore means in Italian, Elena? It means salvation, savior. I’m named for that, and for St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr. And I damned my brother to hell.”

To celebrate the coming episode tonight, we decided to go through Stefan and Elena’s top ten cutest moments through the series. Our friends at Celebuzz came up with Damon and Elena’s cutest moments last week, which can easily be matched with our gallery.

Check out both gallery and then give us your thoughts in the comments below!

By Erin Cosgrove

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