Not Such A Bright Idea: Stealing People’s Cell Phones Prank [VIDEO]

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What can we learn after watching this Youtube production? Hmm, maybe that you shouldn’t allow strangers to borrow your phone. Sometimes not even people you know are safe to borrow the cherished piece of technology.

If you want to practice before joining before a track team, I suggest participating in something like this. If not, avoid it at all costs. Chasing after someone who stole your phone can and would be equal measures annoying and frustrating.

I can’t help but wonder how the funny creators of the video were able to do this. They really should have been worried about someone going a little crazy and physically attacking them for it. Some people cling to their cell phones like it’s their lifeline.

How would you react if someone attempted to walk away with your phone? Aggressively, or would you trust the stranger enough to just sit there relaxed?

Check out the reactions of the poor, unsuspecting victims in the video above!