Stars Skateboard All Around Hollywood, Literally [PHOTOS]

John Mayer & Katy Perry
The two are spotted out together - fuels dating rumors.
When you’re famous, getting from place to place is always exciting. Maybe it’s just me, but I never get less excited about arriving somewhere in a limo. And to be driven by someone else, and not have to worry about almost crashing in L.A. traffic is never not a relief. But on their precious days off, the stars like to blend in with the civilians and use humbler means of transportation, such as, say, a scooter or a skateboard. But somehow the papparazzi still manage to pick them out of a crowd. The plague of being John Mayer, Shia Labouf, or Kendall Schmidt, I suppose.

The best part about being caught on a skateboard though, I imagine, is that you can use it as an excuse to quickly scurry away from any oncoming photographers. Because of the speed of the camera, the pictures will turn out all artistic and fancy; as  you’re some type of faerie, whistling in the wind.

Having said that, we’ve gathered some of Hollywood’s most majestic looking skateboarders, so maybe if you, as a fan, happen to see one of your favorite stars skating along the beach, you will remember us here at Socialite Life, and have the good sense to trip them in order to get a picture with them.

Enjoy the majesty of Skateboarding Stars.