Stars, Sci-Fi and Shatner – Our MegaCon Wrap-Up!

Socialite Life had the privilege of attending this year’s MegaCon in sunny Orlando, Florida. MegaCon has rapidly developed a reputation as being one of the Southeast’s largest and most popular conventions and this year definitely delivered the goods. Over 20,000 comic book, anime and science fiction/fantasy fans, video game and RPG enthusiasts, toy collectors and curiosity seekers descended upon the Orange County Convention Center for an unforgettable weekend.

There was truly something for everyone at MegaCon this year. In addition to the labor-intensive and dazzling costumes, vendors selling everything from comics and Japanese snacks to swords to the latest in steampunk-inspired accessories, and a wealth of talented comic artists creating art on the spot, fans had a chance to come face-to-face with some of their idols from the comic and sci-fi realm. Patient comic book fans waited up to three hours to meet Marvel comics’ legend Stan Lee – who also raffled off a one-of-a-kind tattoo, inked by Marc Draven – and intrepid Star Trek fans braved long, winding, Disney-esque lines for a chance to meet Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner. The celebrity autograph section was packed with fans waiting to meet and greet such sci-fi and anime greats such as James Marsters, Kevin Sorbo, Lou Ferrigno, Michael Dorn and Jonathan Frakes. I got to chat with some of the stars and you can get the inside scoop from some of the convention’s more famous attendees after the jump!

Gil Gerard, who played TV’s Buck Rogers in the 25th Century told me he was currently in the process of writing a series of four fiction novels
detailing the further adventures of Buck and the gang. I asked him if he was planning a memoir and he laughingly replied, “gentlemen don’t tell”! If you ever want to recount the non-salacious details of your career, Gil, we’d love to read them! Doug Jones, best known for his role as Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies told his next project is a web series with Felicia Day, Dragon Age: Redemption, based on the popular video game. He’s also got (in my opinion) the must-have coffee table book of the year coming soon - Mime Very Own Book, where Doug, dressed as a mime, recreates works of art and iconic pop culture moments. You have not lived until you see Doug’s mime portraying John Cusack hoisting a radio over his head from Say Anything and donning a fish tail to become “The Little Mermime”. Visit the Doug Jones Experience for all things Doug! Doug’s rep, the multi-talented Derek Maki, is a star in his own right, appearing in the indie flick (and film festival favorite) Instant Dadsnow available online! We also got to chat with Zeb Wells and Matt Senreich, who told me that the new season of the cult Adult Swim hit Robot Chicken debuts its new season this October. (In case you missed it, read my full interview with Matt Senreich.)

I had the pleasure of spending the bulk of the weekend with the charming Cindy Morgan, who was a fan favorite thanks to her work in the original Tron. Cindy told me she was surprised that she was selling more photos of her iconic character Yori from the sci-fi classic than those of Lacey Underall, the head-turning sexpot she played in Caddyshack. She was thrilled to meet so many young fans of the original Tron and touched to hear how many fans missed seeing her in Tron Legacy. She’s currently wrapping up her book detailing her experiences on the Caddyshack set, From Catholic School to Caddyshack. We can’t wait to read it!

And, as I posted prior to attending MegaCon, all I really wanted to do was hug Dukes of Hazzard star John Schneider. Dreams do come true! John was gracious and more than happy to accommodate this fan girl’s request. It was a blast, and before you go, make sure to check out the gallery to see some of the fantastic sights and awesome costumes from the event. Thanks for everything, MegaCon! We’ll see you next year!

For more details on MegaCon 2012, including dates and ticket information, visit the MegaCon website.