Stars Are Just Like Us. They Eat…Suggestively? [PHOTOS]

Anderson Does Fast Food
Anderson Cooper puts in a shift at Boston Market.
Everybody has to eat. The details of that action vary from person to person, however. What one person eats will always be different from the next. Another things that varies from person to person? How we eat. That depends on the person. Let’s take Annalynne Mccord, for example. She easily eats more…sexily than someone like Vince Vaughn, for instance. That’s an easy assumption, right? A slim, sultry 20-something blond looks nicer while she eats than an outspoken 6’5, comedic actor.

We’ve compiled a gallery of just how sexy (or unsexy) the stars can look while chowing down.

When it comes to celebrities, the lenses of the paparazzi know no bounds, when it comes to privacy. Meaning they will certainly get some quality shots of the stars eating. And when that happens, the stars can react in any number of ways: Ignore the flashes, play into them, or try to avoid them. It’s unclear which of the three reactions each of the stars in our gallery is exhibiting, so we’ll just have to take the pictures for what they are.

Check out the gallery to see just how…suggestively the stars eat.