Starlets Do Baseball Players


The newest trend in Hollywood is to bang baseball players. Who didn’t know that was a hot scene? Alyssa Milano and my girl Eliza Dushku are both dating guys from the L.A. Dodgers. Crappy team to pick, but hey – baseball players are hot. Apparently Alyssa is on some kind of mission and has already f*cked the entire team. Currently she’s on Russell Martin, who’s the catcher. Good for her. If it’s hot ass you want, you go for the catcher. They’re squatting all the time so their lower half is whoa momma! Jason Varitek, I love you!

This weekend, Milano, who has been previously linked to pitchers Barry Zito, Carl Pavano and Brad Penny, played it cool in her dugout seats as the Dodgers hosted the New York Mets, but an eyewitness tells “she was smiling a lot.” Meanwhile Martin is said to have rushed off the diamond after the game to text Milano in the stands.

See what I mean? You haven’t seen Alyssa for awhile because she’s on her back in the dugout! And Eliza is with Alyssa’s ex Brad Penny. Who she attended a party at the Playboy Mansion with. Eliza’s my girl, because she’s from my area and she was Faith on “Buffy”. She’s the hotness. So I’m totally playing favorites when I surmise that Alyssa Milano is loose and Eliza has the most wholesome of relationships with Mr. Penny. They hold hands a lot. At the Playboy Mansion.