Star Trek Is The Most Pirated Movie Of 2009

Hooray!  I mean, boo!

Star Trek topped this year’s list of stolen movie according to  I would take it as a compliment if I were J.J. Abrams.

According to figures I can only imagine are approximate, the movie was downloaded close to 11 million times.

The rest of the list seems to have no pattern whatsoever: Transformers: the Squeakquel (sorry; I can’t help myself) at 10,600,000 downloads; RocknRolla at 9,430,000 downloads; The Hangover at 9,180,000 downloads; Twilight at 8,720,000 downloads; District 9 (really?) at 8,280,000 downloads; Harry Potter and the Pretty Unicorn (that movie plays in my head nightly) at 7,930,000 downloads; State of Play at 7,440,000 downloads; X-Men Origins: We Rewrote The Comic ‘Cause We Felt Like It at 7,200,000 downloads; and Knowing at 6,930,000 downloads.

I guess there’s no accounting for taste in the world of thievery.

While you’re downloading a stolen copy of Josie and the Pussycats, take a look at these pictures of Zachary Quinto looking like a fancy lad having a fancy lunch in fancy Los Feliz.  Also, five bucks to whomever can identify Zachary’s actress lady friend, because I’ve been wracking my tiny brains for hours!  Also please note that when I say ‘five bucks,’ what I really mean is my undying gratitude (that’s really all it’s worth).  Hey!  It’s a recession, people!

Gallery Info:  Zachary Quinto and soon-to-be-named gal being fabulous in Los Feliz on 12/23/09.