Star Magazine Puts Out Their List of “Most Annoying” of 2006

I took a quick scan, and I’m not yet on it, so I guess I’m just going to have to bust-ass to at least get some kind of honorable mention for 2007.

Making the list as Most Annoying Wannabe, Talk-Show Host and Cleavage are Kevin Federline, Tyra Banks and Janet Jackson, respectively. Elisabeth Hasselbeck earned herself Star’s title of Most Annoying Crybaby on The View when Joy Behar made her tear up and apparently, Sara Evans managed to snag herself a win of Most Annoying Anorexic Nanny Attack. Congratulations, Sara, on that obscure and pretty much meaningless title.

In any case, it’s a nice way to take stock of the year and think about what’s really important–those celebs whom we get to use as punching bags as a way to avoid the misery in our own daily lives. Let’s hope they all work just as hard in 2007.