Star Magazine Is So Tactful

June 30th, 2006 // 18 Comments

This is how Star Magazine responds to their false report that Reese Witherspoon was pregnant. And Bonnie Fuller wonders why she’s one of the most hated women in publishing.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. lissa

    Bonnie Fuller needs to lighten up. Reese looks great to me. Hey, if I have her body, I’d be very happy.

  2. Karen

    That belly held the two small people next to her, and she’s not filming anything right now. She’s under no obligation to be completely bikini worthy for the witches of tabloid land. Reese looks like a normal human being as opposed to a bony Hollywood lollipop.
    What a c*nt that Bonnie Fuller is.

  3. Emilia

    Bonnie Fuller is insane lets face it…..Reese is smaller then the majority of the American Population…its like these magazines want young girls everywhere to develop somekind of an eating disorder as soon as possible. So sad…..

  4. nevermind

    Is Ryan complaining? Hell no! What a tacky way to handle responding to Reese’s lawsuit. I hope she files another for defamation of character. Reese is normal, and that is why we love her! Is she supposed to be like the Lollipop Lipo Guild? Hell no! We would despise her then!

  5. petergabrielfan

    Can you imagine Time, Newsweek, or any “real” magazine responding this way? Fuller is no journalist. She is acting like a 2 year old calling someone a poo-poo head.

  6. kw

    star mag is TRASH!!! reese should sue them again.

  7. Molls

    It’s funny that Reese doesn’t look like this anywhere else. Looks like Photoshop bullshit to me.

  8. maryanne29

    Bonnie Fuller ought to learn that karma’s a bitch and one day she’s going to learn that lesson the hard way.

  9. Cameron

    Go Reese! I’m so glad to see that there are actually some normal mom bodies in Hollywood. I think she looks great!!!

  10. doofus

    ditto on all the comments.

    I like Reese BECAUSE she’s so “real”. In her everyday life, with her husband, with her kids, etc…she seems like she’s a genuinely nice person who’s well grounded. And I personally thinks she’s a wonderful actress.

    to petergabrielfan, that was an excellent analogy. No, no self-respecting news publication would pull a stunt like this. So clearly a “retaliation” against her lawsuit.

    to Molls…I was thinking the same thing. other pics I’ve seen of her recently have no belly bulge. I’m not so sure it’s photoshop, but maybe just her posture…but you could be right. It’s amazing what you can do with a little software these days.

  11. johnnygirl

    Gawd….people kill me. If you are skinny like Paris and Nicole you’re called “a sack of bones, unhealthy, etc.” If your healthy looking then you’re “bloated, fat, pregnant, shamu…” or whatever else these mags can come up with. It’s pathetic.

  12. Rebecca

    I think it’s really funny. Obviously it’s payback for Reese’s legal action on the grounds that they said she was with child. She isn’t real life fat, but Reese is said to be pretty humorless and stuck up (read about how nasty she can be on Kevin Smith’s blog). I think if I was Star magazine’s editor facing a lawsuit with someone who wasn’t very nice I would do that same thing.

  13. BigDog

    Yikes! Put down the Ho-Ho’s Reese.

    Hot looking sacks of bones win over lazy jelly belly’s every time.

  14. mutterhals

    If she’s not pregnant, that’s just disgusting. It’s one thing to be fat, but that bitch looks like she needs to drop a serious deuce. Maybe she has IBS…

  15. Kate

    Jesus…this is the worst tabloid article I’ve seen since some awful tab. found an orphan, ran her picture with the caption “the baby Angelina did not choose”…
    These magazines are such trash.

  16. Jennifer


  17. tea

    No one should buy this TRASH… I can not believe how shalow Bonnie Fuller is, Then again nothing surprises me from her, She is a GARBIGE DIGGER IDIOT

  18. las

    “How dare she make us look like moneygrubbing rumormongering morons! We’ll show her! We’ll publish UNFLATTERING PHOTOS.”

    What a bunch of petty losers. They can’t cope with the idea that women experience bloat when they have their period, and some get little paunches. The paunch is already gone!

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