Star Magazine Gets It Wrong Again

It seems that Star Magazine was a tad premature in announcing the demise of the Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis union. While it will happen, it just hasn’t happened yet. The photo above was taken on July 23 at the VIP Room.

Then in early July the couple jetted to Greece for a month-long vacation. But her Greek odyssey has seemingly come to an abrupt end — with the hotel heiress leaving in a huff.

“She’s gone,” Latsis’ father, Gregory Kasidokostas, tells Star. “They had a tiff and she flew out. My son is much too young to marry. His studies come first.”

Sources say that Hilton’s eagerness to marry the 22-year-old shipping heir caused the blow-up. On July 15 — just two weeks into their vacation — the young couple returned to Athens before Hilton, 24, split.

Latsis was distraught, but his relatives were quite relieved. “He’s in love with her,” says an insider, “but his family hopes it’s all over. If there’s to be a wedding, the family thinks they should wait a few years — but that’s not on her agenda.”

So what happens now? While Paris’ rep denies the couple has split up, Star has learned the two aren’t speaking. Who knows, perhaps they’ll be back together by week’s end?

Yes, the couple is still together. They never broke up in the first place, and there was no spat. Nice try Bonnie.

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