Star Jones Rides Al Reynolds

December 5th, 2005 // 10 Comments

Star Jones and Al Reynolds seemed to enjoy themselves herself at Eva Pigford‘s birthday bash. His expression in the top photograph says it all.

(Photos via AllTheParies)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. i have always thought he married her because of statue (ie money)…still feel that way.

  2. JustJunebug

    sorry, i meant status….not statue…

  3. Random Human

    OK can we just stop all the boring Al Reynolds stuff and get to the REAL MEAT OF THE ISSUE for a second??? (Pun Intended). Star Jones is a woman who had gastric bypass surgery and, as a result, lost over 150 lbs in one year. And she is denying it. Can all the bloggers of the world PLEASE unite and just focus on that ONE thing??? My dream is that Star Jones-REYNOLDS can be humiliated into admitting the freakin truth already. Yeah, Star…you “worked out a lot”…you “watched what you ate.” Uh huh. OK. Why not put out a diet book, in that case? I mean, clearly, YOUR diet and workout regimen is better than every single one that has come before and deserves to be published and honored. B*tch.

  4. JustJunebug

    i thought she DID admit it? shes crazy to try and say otherwise if she has changed her story! you can SO tell she has, but she needs to work out more to get rid of the hanging skin…to me she looks deformed.

  5. Obviously, she had gastric bypass. I think she also must have had neck flap lipo because her tiny neck seems like it can barely hold up her ginormous dome!

  6. I guess that whole “you would be so pretty if you lost some weight” thing didn’t apply to Star. God played a cruel joke on that woman. Man, she is UUUUGGGLY!

  7. SMroxs

    How is it possible for her to have lost all that weight and still look so damn flabby? The answer has already been said… gastric bypass! Maybe she can get some corporate sponsors to pay for her reconstructive surgery to get rid of all that excess skin.

  8. ortem

    poor thing… is it me or did she look better fuller… she looks sickly in the face

  9. Robert

    Let all the ladys talk, jealousy will get them no where. Great job, no man wants a fat and over weight women who is too lazy to keep in shape.
    Im sure many of the women who are out of shape envy you, but its only because they are disgustlingly unhappy in there relationships.

  10. fletcher

    I am a african american man and I think star jones just has a nasty personality. When oprah was fat she was still likable. But star jones is nasty skinny and fat because its on the inside.

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