Star Jones For Hire

Poor Star Jones. First her publicist drops her, and now she has possibly lost her gig as the red carpet interviewer for E!

Jones’ rep at PMK, Cindi Berger, confirmed she was not working with the large star anymore. “We’ve had a mutual parting of the ways, but we are helping her transition,” Berger said. Many wonder how Berger lasted so long catching flak for Jones, who has a habit of referring to herself in the third person.

It’s tough being the publicist for a constant public embarrassment.

Star Jones was a complete bore as E!’s face on the red carpet, so it’s no surprise that they aren’t rushing to renew her contract.

Star Jones’ contract with E! has expired and after driving ratings into the ground with her gushing “When you coming to see me on ‘The View,’ girlfriend?” love fest, the network isn’t rushing to pick up her option.

So let the replacement speculation begin. Granted, she has set the bar low, but candidates must be able to stand in the hot Hollywood sun (sunglasses provided), hold a microphone so the network logo is in the shot (someone will tell you which one is the star and which is the date) and remember the most important question on awards night: Who are you wearing?

At least she has Payless.

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