Star Jones Drops The Charade

July 31st, 2007 // 9 Comments

No, she ain’t droppin’ Al. She’s finally admitting that she had a gastric bypass. Duh. What’s the big deal? It was either that or she had some sort of radioactive tapeworm stealing all her food. Anyway, she says she lied because she was..oh sorry, she didn’t lie. She was “intentionally evasive”. She said she had a “medical intervention”. She should have had a “beard intervention”. That dude is gay! Anyway, she wrote an essay for “Glamour” magazine about her “evasiveness”.

As for why she wasn’t forthcoming about her operation earlier, Star has a list of reasons, including her fear that it wouldn’t work and that she wouldn’t be able to lose weight, but, mainly, she says, because she was afraid of what people would think of her.

“I was afraid to be vulnerable, and ashamed at not being able to get myself under control without this procedure,” she writes in the magazine.

F*ck what people say! You live your own life, Starina! People are just haters! Have soup for the rest of your life and hang out with your gay guy! It’s America!


By J. Harvey

  1. good

    Star doesn’t owe us anything, but this is a good move. She was a diva who “knew everything” and wanted everybody to think she liked being obese because she couldn’t admit her failure.

    Maybe this will help other overweight people to stop being so proud and seek serious help.

  2. fvjberi

    yeah good move, that is, if your intention was to look as much like that alien from a.i.
    if that’s what you were going for, then congratulations! you did it!!

  3. Woohoo

    i agree fvjberi–
    She looked better as a fatty ! her head it HUGE. It rather be big than freakishly unattractive !!!

  4. ladyjayne

    I really think that Star Jones is the biological mother of Nicole Ritchie – the resemblence is uncanny!

  5. ladyjayne

    I really think that Star Jones is the biological mother of Nicole Ritchie – the resemblence is uncanny!

  6. Jeanie

    Why are Star Jones’s neck tendons always protuding out now? Like she’s sucking in a lot of air. IT’s gross.

    Also, she must be pretty bitter to find out that after losing all that weight she’s still ugly.

  7. W-W-w-w-what????? Gastric bypass????? Jezus!
    Next you’ll be telling me that Al is a homo!!!!

  8. peachpie

    wow ladyjayne…i had not noticed the resemblance until you mentioned it. now that i look — it’s uncanny. imagine meeting the pair of them on the street. it would scare the bejeeezus out of anyone.

  9. betty

    You may hate her, but there is no need to lie. Nicole Ritchie is beautiful. Just look at her face. She has pretty, round eyes and other nice features. She’s totally photogenic too. She’s just too emaciated.

    Star Jones was beautiful when she joined The View. She was a really attractive, full-figured woman. That’s probably why she was so bold. She used to look great. Then she gained too much weight and lost it too quickly. Her skin tone looks ashy and dry. The shape of her face totally changed. I don’t know what to call her face shape now – long-oval?. Years ago, she had cheekbones and an obvious chin. Her face had definition. Now Star just looks old. She really became bug-eyed when she got too big and then when she got thinner, her eyes shriveled up.

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