Star Jones Decides Not To Ride Al Reynolds This Time

December 7th, 2005 // 15 Comments

Good decision on Star’s part. He’s probably still too emotionally scarred from the last experience.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. There are many people in this world who look more beautiful thin than fat–Uma Thurman, or Jennifer Anniston’s status as “beautiful” is largly based on their slender frames. There are those who look beautiful, fat or thin like Toquara. Then there are those rare beasts who look better fat than thin, and I believe Star Jones just might be one of those creatures. Thin, she looks like an alien–as if Tyra Banks and ET had a baby. It’s a terror everytime I see a new photo

  2. She is a rare beast indeed!! Can you imagine waking up to her every morning? Oh, no… my breakfast just came back up! I feel for Al, that poor gay bastard.

  3. Cheesy

    It is just an undeniable fact: Star has the head of a fat woman. She *is* a fat head, and she *has* a fat head.

  4. Jenra

    Her face scares me! She reminds me of Ursula, the evil sea witch, from the Little Mermaid! I hate when she tries to make that sexy face too!

  5. tocutetoscoot

    A big ugly face and sloppy titties, a girls worst nightmare!

  6. BGneiss

    What the heck does she see when she tries this on and looks in the mirror? That woman desperately needs an honest stylist! Those breasts should NOT be sloshing around in public like that!

    By the way, what is that nasty scar behind that gaudy monogram necklace?

  7. I can’t blame the stylist… its hard to make her look good. God, can be cruel at times.

  8. GirlyGirl

    She looks like a He. Seriously. I’ve seen WAY better drag queens.

    The scar is from some kind of heart surgery she had. How do I know this? Why from a previous posting here, of course! It pays to be a clock-watcher in my cubicle, reading internet gossip and spiking my coffee with ANY kind of alcohol I can sneak into the building…

  9. j'

    if i was her, i would loose the scar by pulling up some skin over it and having the top flap stiched or stapled. or maybe she should just go the whole 9 yards and pull it over her face. shed look much cuter and her boobs wouldnt slosh anymore. did i just say “if i were her”? o fcuk! the horror!

  10. versacefiend

    in the third picture, is it just me or does she look like a darker skinned divine???

  11. Violet Secret

    Why should she hide a surgery scar like its something to be ashamed of?

  12. ortem

    please god let her gian the weight back… her face looks a fright like an old balloon – let us not think what the rest of her must look like

    as for trphy boy – what do ya know, he has a wonky eye like PH

  13. robb257731

    THANK YOU Versacefiend, I was thinking the same thing!!!! Divine in blackface!

  14. Why do fat girls feel the need to show us skin after the weightloss, lipo, nip/tuck..etc?
    She-He would still look great with a nice black turtle neck covering her charms. The outfit is appropriate for the bedroom…poor Al.

  15. Tessa

    Ha! I have always thought SJ looks like the late, great Divine with brown skin. It’s almost scary how much she looks like him….Although it’s an insult to Divine if you ask me…

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