Star Jones And Al Reynolds Pimp It Out

March 14th, 2006 // 13 Comments

I’m assuming they’re just keeping up appearances. The couple helped celebrate Shaquille O’Neil‘s birthday along with Vivica A. Fox. I wonder what Shaq and Al had to talk about?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Man! She has the WORST cleavage in the world! Its like two sagging pancakes. Cover that mess up!

  2. Anno

    Flapjacks anyone?

  3. Em

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I am never eating pancakes again!

  4. David

    It’s O’Neal.

  5. King Smart Ian

    That picture would make a great Caption It

  6. Kelsey

    Well, I guess it’s easy for Al to keep up his “straight” apperances with her…she just looks so much like a malnourished man it’s sickening

  7. katie

    I never noticed how huge and scary her nostrils were until her face deflated. Eww.

  8. lollipop

    holy god — those are some crazy disgusting fold-overs. WHAPPITA WHAPPITA WHAPPITA…

  9. Martin

    It’s strange to say, but she actually looked more attractive as a full-figured woman. Her face has gone from round to oval (horse like). It’s like she’s wearing a voodoo death mask.

    As for Big Gay Al, what can be said. He looks like a Big Gay Al. That’s one brother on the downlow that’s going to get his dick snapped off when she catches him with one of his boyfriends.

    Note to Al: Don’t try and hide on Fire Island this coming summer. I’m here to tell you that I will have camera waiting in order to collect my cash from the trades.

  10. Tine

    Star Jones looks like a balloon that someone just popped.

  11. Layla's Mommy

    This is what breast implants are made for. ICK!

  12. NaughtyBits74

    Star….what happened to your ta-ta’s?

    They’re flat…Oh My God…she’s so deflated…it’s like someone flattened them out with a mallet.


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