Star Jones Enjoys A Happy Birthday

March 29th, 2007 // 9 Comments

These are just some random pictures of Star Jones on the beach with what looks to me like Vanessa Bell Calloway, who will always be Imani Izzi to me. The reason we can’t show you this pic of Star at her actual birthday party is that some of us actually pay for photos (*ahem*) and unfortunately, this wire service ain’t of the ones we’re currently using. That aside, Star recently celebrated her birthday with a soiree at Social Miami. Now, I don’t know who she’s been paying over at TMZ to be so dang complimentary, but it appears to be money well-spent cause they are downright GUSHING over her these days. Check it.

Star, wearing a racy form-fitting halter dress that revealed her scrumptious figure, toasted along with guests at Social Miami. Girlfriend’s been working out!

Star’s stunning new blonded bob perfectly frames her pixie-like features, which were already glowing in the golden reflection of her demure jewelry … or is it just the love of Al?

Ease up there, TMZ. You might want to get your tongue out her throat. And I know that this could just have been that Al’s nose itched right when they took the pic, but don’t you just love the look of disgust on his face? Like he’s thinking, “Being straight is HARD!”

(Mavrix Photo)

By Lisa Timmons

  1. conflikdaimond

    I thought the same thing about the TMZ description of STAR! They are so fake, I’m sorry but she does not look scrumptious! She has lost a lot of weight but she shouldn’t show those unflattering parts of her body the way that she does. She loves to flaunt her breast and continue to wear very low cut tops when it looks absolutely horrible. Her cleavage is worst than an old leather saddle bag. And those arms, I have no words for them, what was that? Forgive me, but she needs a new stylist. Someone that knows how to compliment the new figure that she’s working with, and not take away from it.

  2. snark

    Ever heard of sarcasm? Read the whole thing … it’s positively dripping with it. The part about her “demure” jewelry? She looks like she has gold tire rims on her arms!

    On another note, didn’t she have a boob job? Damn, sue the surgeon or ask for a refund cause that’s just nasty.

  3. margaretta

    Happy Birthday Star! Another year fuglier.

  4. R&R

    Star’s skin will never be “taut” because she lost 150+ lbs, but her arms look a bit like she has been working out.

  5. chrischris

    did anyone else see the breast incesion scar.ewwe

  6. hello?

    Uh, hello? Sarcasm. You might want to look it up. If you look at the picture and actually read the caption, the writer is totally making fun of her. Her arms are sagging with excess skin, no way does she look like a pixie, her jewelry is the size of saturn, and Al looks totally grossed out. I usually love you guys, but dissapointed you don’t understand sarcasm.

  7. lookwhaticando

    I don’t really know why, I just don’t like her

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