‘Star’ Magazine Claims That Duchess Kate Is Pregnant With Twins

How dare you, Star.  How.  Dare.  You.  The ratty-mctatty tabloid claims that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with twins.  Oh, ok.

Thankfully, Gossip Cop stepped in to squash the rumor and confirmed with Buckingham Palace that this is simply not true.  Now, whether or not the Duchess is even with child at all is not a matter for Star to break.  As has been the case with other royals, a baby is usually conceived within the first year of marriage, and Will and Kate have mentioned that they’re looking forward to starting a family sooner rather than later.

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Before we get into the logical reasons as to why it’s probable that Catherine could be pregnant, let’s chastise Star for putting such a story on their cover.  The mag claims that the palace is just overjoyed with the news, which the doctor confirmed “exactly 100 days after the royal wedding.”  Another “source” told Star that “William almost collapsed with joy — and relief — when Kate called to tell him she was pregnant.”

“William and Kate want to keep the news secret until she is at least through her first trimester.”  Totally.