Stallone Cites Customs Incident As A Misunderstanding

When he flew to Australia on Friday night, the baggage of Sylvester Stallone’s party was seized because they were found to contain certain shady contents. Reuters reports:

“Customs can confirm Mr Stallone arrived at Sydney airport on Friday evening,” said Richard Janeczko, national manager of investigations for Australian Customs. “His party was subject to normal customs and quarantine processes. During an X-ray of the group’s baggage, several prohibited items were located. The items are being held by customs,” Janeczko said.

Customs officials have not yet revealed details on what exactly was seized, but did say that Stallone and his Funky Bunch were cooperative.

I’m really angry they didn’t seize that fierce mullet Stallone is now rocking. Seriously, guy. Unless it’s for an upcoming movie, the MacGyver impersonation is completely unnecessary. And it’s not helping that he’s been seriously punched in the face by Father Time.

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