Stallone Cites Customs Incident As A Misunderstanding

February 19th, 2007 // 6 Comments

When he flew to Australia on Friday night, the baggage of Sylvester Stallone’s party was seized because they were found to contain certain shady contents. Reuters reports:

“Customs can confirm Mr Stallone arrived at Sydney airport on Friday evening,” said Richard Janeczko, national manager of investigations for Australian Customs. “His party was subject to normal customs and quarantine processes. During an X-ray of the group’s baggage, several prohibited items were located. The items are being held by customs,” Janeczko said.

Customs officials have not yet revealed details on what exactly was seized, but did say that Stallone and his Funky Bunch were cooperative.

I’m really angry they didn’t seize that fierce mullet Stallone is now rocking. Seriously, guy. Unless it’s for an upcoming movie, the MacGyver impersonation is completely unnecessary. And it’s not helping that he’s been seriously punched in the face by Father Time.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. uklady

    Besides being punched in the face by Father Time, he must learn how to apply eyebrow pencil better. My granny had a friend who was lousy with her lipstick and eyebrow pencils. Always had the wrong colours and never hit her target. He’s just hideous to look at now! I’m shivering here in my seat. . .

  2. Yo Adriane

    The mullet is for a new Rambo movie.

  3. lisa

    Father time didn’t punch him in the face. He looks 100% better than most men his age. 99% of the male population would die to look like him at that point in their lives.

  4. lisa

    Father time did not punch him in the face. He looks better and younger than 99.9% men his age. A majority of the male population would die to look like him at that point in their lives.

    Keep it going Rocky! I thought #6 was your best yet. Sweet, loving and sentimental. The only closing to put on the decades of love and admiration you recieved. The perfect ending for any age or gender.

  5. uklady

    Don’t misunderstand me, Lisa, I loved Sly’s looks, really. But he has lost it with the plastic surgery, and would no doubt be better leaving nature alone. The pulling and tweaking (in an effort not to look like Jennifer’s granddad) has finally come to haunt him. He resembles a peer now more of mamma Jacqueline’s than Jennifer F’s. MAN, if you think the above looks good, then there’s nothing more to say! (Especially like the xtra ear coming out of the mullet)

  6. irishgrl

    Im with Lisa, I love Sly! Rocky Balboa was my instant favorite of the series :)

    ps: that “extra ear” belongs to the nob standing BEHIND Sly. sheesh.

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