Sly Stallone Is Full Of….Well, Steroids For One Thing

So Janice Dickinson went on Fox News’s “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld” and told him that back when she was schtupping Sylvester Stallone in the early 90’s, she used to see him juice himself up with penis-shriveler. And he even shot her up with steroids once. She said that her arm swelled up like “Popeye”. That isn’t an attractive couples experience to me. God, get massages together or something. Stallone’s rep is calling crazyass Janice a bald-faced liar and a “desperate women” looking for attention. As proof that Janice is lying, they’re bringing up the paternity drama that ensued when Janice got pregnant with her daughter Savannah and told Sly it was his. it wasn’t and a DNA test proved it. Ordinarily, I’d be with Sly on this one. Janice Dickinson is just one meltdown from a gurney beside Britney. But Sly did get busted and pled guilty in Australia recently for ‘roids, so I’m thinking he doesn’t have a hypodermic needle to stand on in this case. And if he doesn’t do ‘roids, then mother of god, what did that to his face?

Photos: WENN