Stacy Kiebler’s Washboard Abs [CAPTION THIS]

Note to self: Give up all carbohydrates, dairy and anything that might make one wobble and shake.  Goal: to whip oneself into shape so as to look like Stacy Keibler, she with abs of steel.

Celebrating her new membership on Instagram, Keibler posted a photo of herself working out with a friend while on vacation in Italy.  Her body is…unreal.

This pic comes in the wake of reports that Keibler is carrying George Clooney’s child.  Notsomuch.  A source reportedly told TMZ that rumors surrounding a Clooney bump are 100% false, according to Us Weekly.

So, how does Keibler maintain her insane figure?  “I go to Barry’s Bootcamp, I go to Physique 57 — every week is different for me,” she told Us earlier this year. “Sometimes I’ll go to Barry’s three times a week because it fits into my schedule better, and sometimes I’ll work out with a trainer five times a week.

“I also like boxing. That’s an amazing workout. . . Summer is when I start getting in the groove of at least once or twice a week mixing in something like boxing. I just like to mix it up.”

How else does Keibler keept fit?  Find out after the jump