Stacy Keibler & Naomi Campbell Show Off Their Bikini Bods Because They’re Amazing & We Love Them

Bodies. Bodies. Bodies. That’s what we’ve got going on right now with Stacy Keibler and Naomi Campbell.

And obviously, we do not mind as these ladies are looking fabulous. We were recently treated to a look at Naomi’s bikini bod, but really the more Naomi the merrier.

And would you look at Stacy. She seems like she’s recovered quite nicely after her break-up with George Clooney. I wonder how she felt about all those rumors that he was romancing Eva Longoria behind her back

Although that would explain the break-up. Also, who knew that Naomi and Stacy were such bffs that they’re vacationing in Spain together. I wonder if they’re gonna hang out with Leonardo DiCaprio who is also hanging out there.

Oh my god! You guys! Campbell and Keibler! Now I just want food. Launch the gallery to check out all the awesome photos from their Spanish vacation. Wish you had their bikini bods? Let us know in the comments!