Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Let’s Celebrate With 17 Irish Hotties We Wanna Drink Whiskey With! [Flashback]

We’ve posted so many incredible photo galleries over the years, and in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here is one of our faves from March 17, 2015!

Here is what we wrote back them:

Hey, everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oh hey there everybody! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hopefully, you’re already too drunk to read all of these words, but not too drunk to stare at a bunch of hot Irish dudes!

Because honestly, is there a better way to celebrate this festive holiday than with photos of hot guys? Especially if you imagine you’re drinking some whiskey with them. 

Confession: I don’t like whiskey. But if one of these 17 hotties (preferably young Pierce Brosnan, Colin O’Donoghue or Michael Fassbender) offered me some, I would not say no!

Launch the gallery to enjoy a feast for your eyes, then tell us which hottie you wanna sip on some whiskey with in the comments below! Have a great St. Patrick’s Day and remember to stay safe!