Spotted: Robert Pattinson Filming ‘Remember Me’ Today

June 22nd, 2009 // 17 Comments

Robert Pattinson is seen here on the set of his new film Remember Me shooting on location in Manhattan. He’s rocking the baseball cap.

UPDATE: Check out gallery page 5 to see some photos of Rob in what looks like a scene in which he’s getting arrested in.

UPDATED with more photos. 20+ more photos added to the gallery beginning on gallery page 6.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. elisilla

    God! he’s so hot!!! He always looks perfect.

  2. wolfi

    i dnt knw whu dose two ladies r..but i dnt like dem….der too close to rob….100ft away ladies..hes taken even if he dnt knw it yet

  3. Em

    having read the script, I have a hard time looking at these photos. But I’ll look anyway. Love the cap on him.

  4. Lynda from Philly

    Love the NY Yankees cap! He looks so delicious as usual. Would love to be the cop that gets to “frisk” him. LOL. Great to see him smiling.



  6. dollhouse

    i think this is the scene when he’s arrested for meddling in another fight and those two girls are there with him and ‘aiden’ from when they picked them up some bar i think

  7. Kiki

    In photos 74 and 75, I think that’s Paul, his stunt double for Twilight.

  8. Kiki

    Sorry,is photo 73 not 74.

  9. ht

    he looks like frankestein

  10. joan durtz

    Sominex anyone? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

  11. eli

    Rob looks hot!

  12. holly

    Cant wait to see him get arrested in the film

  13. sarah

    He is beyond delicious

  14. Nicky

    So bored with this.

  15. Jackie

    Those girls were extras. I was there trying to take pics as well. His double was there yes. It was kinda hard for me to take photos because they were filming in an alley. But the paps were all up close. Boo.

  16. mopali

    Oh GoD IlOvE ROb his sO hOt

  17. ida claude

    really look at her and does this person not look like KS really the way she stands and hands in the sleaves and she is a head shorter that rp take are long hard look and pics on the first set of pics the knees rub look down at the pic r always is touching in any pic you see of them together

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