Sporty Nixes Talk of a Spice Girl Reunion

March 22nd, 2007 // 5 Comments

I really long for the days when two became one, but alas, it seems that there’s no glimmer of hope that the gals are planning on putting on the platforms and getting the band back together any time soon. Melanie Chisholm, formerly Sporty Spice, recently told People that the Spice Girls have no plans to reunite.

“There are no plans for it at all with or without me,” Chisholm, 33, told PEOPLE Wednesday at a party for the movie I Want Candy in London. “Obviously, two of the girls [Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton and Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown] are pregnant at the moment.

“We have discussed that if there was a fantastic event that we felt would benefit from the attention [a reunion] would bring, we would consider that as a one-up, but there is no time this year as everyone is very busy with personal or professional things.”

Girlfriend is looking pretty damn decent these days. I may be nasty, but I’m definitely one to give credit where credit is due. What kind of world is it, where the Spice Girls are actually too busy to have a reunion? I feel like everything’s going topsy-turvy.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Micha10589

    Who needs a reunion of the Spice Girls when there is a new Mel C album coming out soon? Really, Mel C has made some consistently good music as a solo artist. While the high point was her first solo album “Northern Star”, all her subsequent albums included great songs. And I saw her twice on stage in Germany and she was very likeable and a good performer live.

  2. Tine

    She’s a lezzy right?

  3. Draya

    Sporty Spice is looking pretty hot! How come she’s not getting some modelling gigs?

  4. Tine

    Draya – I think its because she looks like Alan Cummings…

  5. Matthew

    Don’t hate on my Spice Girls! But the Spice Girls are all pretty big solo outside of the USA. And no Melanie C is not a lesbo!!!

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