Spinning While In The Presence Of Bradley Cooper Is Extremely Dangerous [PHOTOS]

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Bradley Cooper‘s presence at a spinning class had ladies “falling off their bikes” this week. Oh dear!

Bradley, seen here departing CBS This Morning Studios earlier today (January 30, 2013) attended a 7.30am workout session at the SoulCycle studio in New York City on Tuesday, and sent the female-dominated class into a spin with his rippling physique.

“He was trying to be incognito and wore a long-sleeved shirt for most of the ride,” a source revealed. It has been claimed Bradley decided to take off his shirt towards the end of the class, and the sight of his topless trunk meant “girls were literally falling off their bikes”.

He even stayed around after the session had finished and congratulated his fellow riders on their efforts. 

“[Bradley] was super gracious,” a source added to New York Post. “He introduced himself, shook their hands and even congratulated the girls on a great class.”

Such a sweetheart! Lesson to be learned ladies – keep your eyes on the pedals and not hot Hollywood hunk.

By Michael Prieve

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