Spike TV Guys Choice Awards: Halle Berry Wows Everyone

Although Megan Fox (who was elsewhere on the planet last night) was awarded the prize for Hottest Girl On the Planet at the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards, Halle Berry deservedly was the woman who took home the honor of Decade of Hotness. The mother-of-one showed off her signature super-short hairdo in a slinky black dress that flaunted her assets. She celebrated her decade of hotness by making out with Jamie Foxx onstage. Things got STEAMY! Witness the ass-grab.

Sacha Baron Cohen graced the stage in an adorable Bruno outfit (a leopard print has never worked so well on a man before) to pick up his Funniest M.F. Award. It was Mel Gibson who kicked off the award show by riding in on horse and gave a Braveheart-esque opening speech. He awarded Brad Pitt and Edward Norton and director David Fincher, who’s Fight Club was inducted into the “Guy Movie Hall of Fame.”

Brad Pitt, of course, helped kick up the level of star wattage at the event. His partner Angelina Jolie won the prize for Femme Fatale. Mila Kunis, awarded Hottest “Mila,” kept it simple and sassy in a black dress.

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