Spiderman Has Needs


Tobey Maguire rolls like his new album just dropped on Def Jam .

Maguire rolls with an entourage of 10, including his fiancée, Jennifer Meyer, their daughter, Ruby, and a personal chef who cooks him vegetarian meals. The star also requires “two cases of the water he likes, a rocking chair in his hotel bedroom, and a full-size refrigerator.” A rep for Maguire had “no comment.”

Here’s why I’m a bimbo. When I first read this piece, I was like – “he makes bitches LUG A F*CKING FRIGIDAIRE AROUND FOR HIM just because he likes taking his food or a sentimental piece of his kitchen with him? Ass!” Then I realized it probably mean he gets penthouse suites complete with a refrigerator. I’ll be over here trying to use this Speak N’ Spell.