“Spider-Man 3″ Is Insanely Expensive

The third installment of the “Spider-Man” movies is breaking production cost records, with a total of $350 million dollars already spent on the production of the film. This number comes from the Kim Masters of Radar magazine, who also estimates that the grand total for the movie, including publicity costs, comes to more than $500 million. Page Six reports:

One of the film’s producers, Laura Ziskin, disputed the $350 million number, and said, “I refuse to say the [real] number because it makes me choke. ‘Spider-Man 3′ was a super-expensive movie – the most expensive film we’ve ever made. But there’s no way you can get to $300 million.” A Sony rep claimed it only cost $270 million.

$300 million, $500 million, a thousand, seriously, I can’t tell the difference. It’s all way more than I have at the moment. I just hope it’s not all going towards Kiki’s dye-job, cause really guys, Manic Panic ain’t that costly. And if it is, then I think we need some Kool-Aid up in this joint.

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