‘Spiderman’ Goes Splat On Broadway

Things are not fairing well for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark on Broadway. Theatre critics just shit all over the show following the first preview performance which was plagued by technical problems. The cast, including cutie Reeve Carney – who plays Peter Parker – were seen greeting fans after the show last night.

The Julie Taymor directed show finally debuted last night after suffering many setbacks that included lots of technical and safety issues. The $65 million production is the most expensive show to ever hit Broadway and one New York Post critic called it “an epic flop.”

Doesn’t bode well for the show…nor the cast…

The reviewer continued, “Not even Spider-Man could avert this disaster. Last night’s opening preview of Broadway’s most expensive production ever, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark was an epic flop as the $65 million show’s high-tech gadgetry went completely awry amid a dull score and baffling script.”

“The show stopped five times, mostly to fix technical problems, and Act I ended prematurely, with Spider-Man stuck dangling 10 feet above audience members.”

A critic from the New York Daily News also claimed, “A fifth stop an hour into Act II caused some theatergoers to walk out,” but was hesitant to write off the musical entirely, adding the audience “called it a surefire smash hit despite some kinks.”

With as much riding on this show, I doubt they’ll fold or just abandon the project. It took too much work to get it to the stage. And despite the critics harsh reviews, it’ll probably be a show that fans of the character will love. I’d go see it…even if it was shit. Which is how I justify seeing Burlesque.