Spice Girls Reunite, My Long Vigil Is Over

The Spice Girls are back together. Throw down your prayer clothes, get up off your knees and stumble into the bright morning sun – your beseeching your deity has been answered. Well, they’re actually only recording one hot jam in time for Christmas. Because you know Victoria won’t be touring anytime soon. She’s got a new mansion in L.A. to direct painters at and Fred Segal is having a sale. She doesn’t need to be dallying with these poor chicks she used to hang with.

The Spice Girls are back together recording a song they wannabe this year’s Christmas No 1, the News of the World can reveal. A Spice insider said: “It’s phenomenal news for them, and the girls are really excited.”

Ginger and Baby Spice could hardly contain their joy, jumping up and down, giggling and hugging each other after laying down vocal tracks for their first CD in seven years at their former producer’s home on Tuesday.

Emma, 31, and Geri, 34, were seen leaving Richard Stannard’s £4m house. Mel C, 33, is thought to have been there. Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, and Scary, Mel B–who are both in Los Angeles–will fly to England to record their parts in a few weeks.

Girl power! Where does one get a job as “Spice insider”? That’s a hot gig. I think I’m qualified. Are the benefits good? I figured you have to be extremely gay and living far in the past. I’m perfect!


More photos of Victoria Beckham doing what she does best – shopping, after the jump.