Spice Girls Minus Melanie B Reunite For Geri Halliwell’s Baby’s Christening

April 23rd, 2007 // 6 Comments


Poor Melanie Brown. There was a mini Spice Girls reunion when four of the original line-up were at the christening of Geri Halliwell’s first child, Bluebell Madonna. Melanie B was nowhere to be found. Although I’m sure she has plenty on her mind with trying to prove that Eddie Murphy is her baby’s daddy.

Little Britain’s David Walliams and socialite Lady Isabella Hervey were also at St Michael’s Church, across from George Michael’s home in trendy Highgate, North London.

Those Spice Girls sure wore some sexy outfits to the christening.


More photos from Bluebell Madonna’s christening after the jump.


By Jessica Marx

  1. Loob

    Ginger’s wearing the exact colour of the bridesmaid dresses at my wedding! Squee!
    heh heh :)

  2. mkithrt

    baby spice is lookin rough…


  3. SHe does not work why does she have a nanny even victoria takes care of her kids plus ginger used some guy cut him out the kids life cause he was poor ( u screwed him already) and callss herself a single mom i hate when women do that oh im a hard working single mom

  4. TammyV

    Baby Spice is like 9 months pregnant

  5. MadCat

    Why would you dress like a hooker at your child’s christening? Obviously this is nothing but a photo opportunity for her and nothing to do with the religous significance of her child

  6. See the ginger bloke in the middle of the BIG photo of everyone in front of the church??? THAT’S MY BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!! Eeeeek! He NEVER mentioned that! I’m a HUGE Geri Halliwell fan too! Arse that he is!

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