Spice Girls Already Brawling

July 2nd, 2007 // 4 Comments

It took about three milliseconds for the reunited Spice Girls to turn on each other and to remind themselves as to why they ended the lip-synching in the first place. According to sources, everyone’s acting the fool and not remembering that Victoria has more money than God and could pay to have them all killed and replaced with clones and then pay to have it covered up. She can buy the latest designer jeans AND several Supreme Court judges! Or police detectives or crime scene analysis people. She could buy “CSI”!

Here’s the list of bitchcraft that’s gone on so far since the reunion announcement last week:

  • POSH is sick of Geri grabbing the limelight;
  • SCARY is winding up all the others up with her weird behaviour and lousy time-keeping;
  • GINGER is trying to turn the reunion into a one-woman show;
  • BABY is being accused by the others of not supporting them; and
  • SPORTY wants to be by herself before interviews.

It’s so hot that they’re still called by their Spice Girl code names. And that a couple mil in your pocket is totally worth having to hang out for seven months with bitches you totally hate.


By J. Harvey

  1. Chris A

    LoL, in the 3rd picture where Mel is holding Victoria’s hand it really looks like theyre enjoying each others company… and in the 2nd one.. Victoria’s probably like ” bitch shut your sloppy mouth ”

  2. Well this is a report from the NEWS OF THE WORLD so it’s to be taken with a pinch of salt.

    If this happens to be true the tour will be a washout which would really make my day.

  3. TheRage

    Posh looks like she can hardly hold her head up. that woman needs to EAT!

  4. Today’s Sun newpsper in the UK continues its obsession with VB, this time about her breast size, prompting this cartoon: http://www.rokcomics.com/full_player.php?comicid=301838675

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