Spice Girls Start Re-Spicing Up Our Lives

The Spice Girls have kicked off their 40-date world tour with their performanc in Vancouver yesterday. It was all about gold lame this time, with the girls decked out in outfits designed by Roberto Cavalli. Reportedly, the hype about their reunion has been well-deserved as they ladies delivered a show that didn’t disappoint. Each of them sang live that evening, according to their rep, who added, “”There is a click track for the band to keep them in time, which is standard, but all of the girls’ vocals were live.” David Beckham made an appearance at the girls’ gig, which had Victoria nervous, yet excited. Additionally, a few costume changes had the ladies paying tribute to their Spice alter-egoes of days gone by. All in all, it sounds as if fans felt that they had received a show worth the money they’d dished out to see the ladies on-stage again. Meanwhile, I would have been excited if I were there, but seriously, I’m not paying that kind of scratch unless it’s Celine, Mariah or Gwen.